PTP (eCPPT course) and Wireless

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I know several of the members here have gone for the eCPPT. While the wireless portion isn't tested during the exam, I still wanted to do it.

In looking for adapters I have came across two:

The typical AWUS036NEH made by ALFA - I know a lot of people use this one. I'll probably grab the one from the HAK 5 site, since it is only $18 and comes with the correct chipset needed for Kali.

And then there is the HAK 5 WIFI Pineapple. I haven't heard too much about it, but what I have heard has been generally good reviews.

Does anyone have experience using either of these during the course? The Pineapple seems to be a good bit more expensive, but if I continue onto more advanced courses - would it be worth it?

If anyone else has had a really good experience with an adapter during this course (or any other wireless course) - I would love to hear your input.


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    If you want the latest 802.11ac spec this is their highest-end model:
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    Do you know if it is capable of packet injection? In the Q & A it is noted that it is does not, but that was from 2015.
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    Can't really say how well it works yet but this is one I bought for the course

    Just saw someone said they had trouble getting to work with Linux... Have yet to break it out of the box, will have to try that out myself
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    As far as the pineapple goes, the attack that it originally exploited isn't valid for most systems any more. It still has some handy features but everything you can do with it can be done with a laptop and a few wireless cards. It's literally just a minimal Linux OS with two WiFi adapters. The benefit to the pineapple is the small size and power requirements. You can set it up, put some high gain antennas on it, plug a battery pack in to it, stick it all in a backpack, and go walk around public places. Again, not as effective as it used to be since most computers no longer auto-negotiate based on SSID alone.

    I think you'd be better spending the money on a USB hub and another wireless card. Now, if you're planning on walking around Defcon with it in a backpack you might go for the Pineapple. Or to heck with it all, just get a raspberry pi.
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    Mooseboost wrote: »
    Do you know if it is capable of packet injection? In the Q & A it is noted that it is does not, but that was from 2015.

    It looks like it still doesn't support it so you might want to go with the 802.11n model for now.
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    +1 to that ^^^ I'm kind of debating if I want to even break open the box I bought looking at some of the comments on it.
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    @BlackBeret - Thanks for the info! I didn't really know much about them. I was primarily looking for something that would work out of the box and someone mentioned them to me. I will definitely save the money and just go with a second wireless.

    For now I will go for the 802.11n model. I think it will do what I need for the course. I was mostly worried about the compatibility, hence wanting something working out of the box.
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