VCAP6-DCV Deployment Exam Beta

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Of course they announced this while I was on vacation but I was still able to snag a seat for the exam. I haven't even read the prep guide but still forked over the $100 fee.

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    Only issue with the betas is the wait period.
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    Yea. After waiting months of the results past GA, I'll wait. Having said that, I'll do the CMA actually so need to wait for them to go live. but beta exams really only are worth if you need to pay yourself. Don't see any other benefit
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    Josh posted some great information about the lab here:

    VCAP6-DCV Deploy public beta launched | SOSTech

    Not being able to use right-click, Control, Alt or Function keys seems strange.

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    I jumped on this too. I have barely dug into vSphere 6 so it'll be an adventure.
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    make sure you read the PDF download to get interface advice and notes.
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    I wonder if this has been a big issue.

    Hi DPG,
    Regarding your scheduled VCAP6 - Data Center Virtualization Deployment Exam Beta.

    Please note:
    The CONTROL and ALT keys are disabled in the exam(s) for security reasons. SSH or RDP are the preferred methods of access for the virtual machines you will be using, but you may need to access a virtual machine via the console. It is strongly recommended that you preview how to navigate through the exam prior to your appointment.

    Thank you and good luck!

    VMware Certification Exam Development Team

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    Yeah I have heard people getting stuck in a console and not being able to get their cursor back, ending their test.
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    So far I have only seen one exam experience report which it looks like you found as well.

    My VCAP6 DCV Deploy Beta Experience –

    No backspace allowed in the new environment.

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    I cancelled my 6/29 appointment so maybe it freed up a seat for someone else willing to give the beta exam a shot. I haven't had any time to study so I decided to wait for the GA version.

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    I didn't cancel mine! I head out in about 3 hours. I don't even know how to prepare any more at this point
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