eJPT before OSCP? or just dive straight into OSCP?

McxRisleyMcxRisley Member Posts: 494 ■■■■■□□□□□
Hey guys, I have been doing some pre studying for the OSCP for a couple of months now and I am starting to second guess just diving straight into the OSCP. I have been considering taking the PTS course and obtaining the eJPT cert through eLearn Security before signing up for the OSCP. I was just wondering what your guys thought were on the matter, any input would be appreciated.

To give you guys a little bit of my background, I have a bachelors in IT, I have both CompTIA Security + and CASP certifications, I have a good understanding of networking/protocols/operating systems (having the CASP should tell you this :D). I have a little over 3 years of IT experience, 6 months of which is info sec experience from my current job. I currently work as a contractor for the DoD/Navy doing remediation and other things.
I'm not allowed to say what my previous occupation was, but let's just say it rhymes with architect.


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