For those who have re-written the Net+ exam

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For those who failed the first attempt of the Net+ and then re-did it, could you share some info like:
Did you get the same questions or some/most question the same?
Did you re-take in the same Location as before?
Did you think it was easier the second attempt? I ask this because I failed my test last week, and I got insanely long questions, most of them was really long.
If you can share any material, I would appreciate it.


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    I failed the Network + twice man. It's my first certification I'm attempting to get and I most say it's difficult. I tried the professor messer video route and tried to read the exam cram book. I finally realized it's my method of study. I would recommend that you devout at least about 2-3 hours a day just studying. Find somewhere that's quiet, and that's not distracting. I have a buddy that has a Cbt nuggets account and he allows me to use his account to watch some videos. I would say that I've learned a lot watching those videos. Look at the objectives that you missed after you took the exam and focus on those. Stay focused and dont get discouraged!
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