Cisco 4000 Router - % no enable password set

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So I connected to my router via the aux port, and I noticied that I cannot get into enable mode. It gives the error posted above. There is a console port but the friggin thing is huge and I dont have the right connector end for it....What is the part that I need to be able to get console access so I can do the password recovery steps on the Cisco website???? Any help on how I can clear this darn password or config with me being connected to the aux port?

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    Aux ports must have a password since it is assumed you are coming in via modem. Message is saying you must configure one before the aux will work

    I have not looked at a 4000 in a while but isn't the console port just a 25 pin d shell connector like an original RS232? A original console cable came with 9 pin female and 25 pin female and a 25 pin male connectors which should handle all the connector types. Time to hit ebay.
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