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The one think I really hate about SANS is there endless email spam. It's bad enough they send me email to register for every conference and training they offer. But they even solicit me to attend courses I already taken. I'm seriously considering adding them to my spam email folder. You would think a top notch security training company would get there marketing act together.
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    If you login to your account you can actually uncheck a few boxes to stop receiving most, if not all of those emails. I checked them to stay abreast of the new information and discounts. I don't think you're receiving anything you can't opt out of. I haven't been in my account in a a month or two but I know for a fact you can uncheck certain boxes to stop receiving certain emails

    Edit. I thought I had a few minutes to spare. Everything you need to uncheck is in your dashboard under Preferences. I would not point the finger at SANS for something I personally have checked that I want to receive, that I am receiving. Granted I am sure some of those are checked by default. It is under:
    Communication Preference Center
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