Passed Yesterday!

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Took the exam for the first time yesterday and passed with a 759. Not the score I was hoping to get, but a pass nevertheless. This wasn't an easy exam to say the least! I spent quite some time studying for it. I come from a background in IT but never had the exposure to networking. I used quite a large number of studying resources, they're listed below.

Professor Messer's Video Series
Professor Messer's Notes
CBT Nuggets Network+ with Keith Barker
CBT Nuggets IPv4 with Keith Barker
Mike Meyer's All-In-One Network+ Book
Mike Meyer's Video Series
Mike Meyer's Total Tester
Pearson CompTIA Network+ Hands-On Simulator
CertMaster Network+

Now it's on to my A+ (I know, I did it backwards) or Security+ certification ... Haven't decided which yet.


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    How much experience do you have in the IT Field?
    I have four years Helpdesk experience and I passed A+ very easily. I would advise you to get the Exam Cram book and watch Professor Messors videos, do both exams on the same day and get it out of the way.

    Congratulations on your Net+.
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    Congratulations! Don't worry about the score, a pass is a pass! Good job!
    All the best,

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    N+ is not an easy exam from what I've heard. Congratulations and good luck on your next endeavor!
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    Congrats, passing the N10-006 is great accomplishment!
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    Congrats Pal!
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