Which Cloud Cert?

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Should I do Azure? Or AWS? AWS has more market share, so I'm pushing more that way, but I want professional input.

Goals: Be a software and application developer and host websites, web apps, and mobile applications and have back-end support.

Doesn't need to have super complex back-end, more so for project management, lifecycle stuff, and version control/deployments.

Which Cert specifically would be ideal/best to compliment a Software Developer's capabilities?

Before someone just says AWS, etc. which AWS? If you say Azure, which component?
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    Have you made accounts and played around w/ either of the cloud offerings yet? That might be the best 1st step.

    If you want to skip trying it out yourself, AWS CSA -> AWS Cert Developer. Neither will actually help you in becoming a software developer, per se. The first will teach you about cloud in general and all the services that the AWS platform offers. The 2nd goes into a little bit of how to automate AWS, it's more "elastic" services, and how to improve reliability of applications. Neither actually go deep into programming/scripting skills or how to actually put applications into the cloud.

    I don't know about Azure or GCP, in terms of certs. But they're both cool in their own ways and worth trying out for yourself. There's also other services such as Red Hat OpenShift and DigitalOcean (I love their blogs and tutorials) that might be worth looking into, depending on your goals.
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    Unless you are heavy in Microsoft server experience, I would look at AWS first; if you are looking for a good overview of "cloud" compute/networking, AWS CSA is probably the way to go. But if you are light on server/hypervisor/networking knowledge, it might be a bit of a learning curve.
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    IT pros with solid cloud computing skills continue to be in high demand as more companies adopt cloud technologies. With new credentials being added each year, how do you choose the cloud computing certification that's right for you? Here's an updated list of our five best cloud certs. Over the past several years, no other area of IT has generated as much hype, interest and investment as cloud computing. Though the term can -- and often does -- have different meanings for different users, there's no doubt that the cloud is now a permanent fixture for end users, service providers, as well as companies and organizations of all sizes around the world.

    I was about to say the same thing. But my list went missing, too.

    But back on topic: I think that you are safe to go either way. Azure will skew towards the Microsoft ecosystem, so will be a safe choice. AWS is the major player in town, so will be a safe choice. My gut feeling is that AWS will be more accessible, but if you have some MS background already - particularly if you are working in an MS environment - then Azure could be a good fit.
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    Mciheal goes at it again with the nonsense copy +paste. Why go through all that trouble for something that doesn't even make sense? Where's the "updated list of our five best cloud certs"?

    At least give Ed Tittle some credit if you steal his stuff.
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