Exploring the next steps

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Hi everyone,

I'm still a bit of a n00b in the IT world. Currently working at a help desk, and I had an interesting conversation with my supervisor yesterday. While we were talking about my metrics, he emailed me a career development template. Basically, he told me they prefer not to see people retire from the help desk, and that department leadership really tries to help people develop their careers.

Here's the problem - I've been so distracted with preparing for cert exams I hadn't really given it the though it needs. I'm not sure what all the options are in IT.

As my method to explore the world of IT, I was thinking that I might go to the library and start reading the first chapter of every book they have. I figure if the first chapter is uninteresting, then that field may not be right for me. So far I've had a chance to read about security and healthcare IT, and these are really interesting.

Is there a better way to narrow down the possiblities?

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