Passed CCENT

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951/1000 Been putting this off for a while. With it expiring and me having the books already I figured I better get off my ass and get it done.

2 SIMS were probably where I lost the most points. Had an issue with a SIM where I couldn't come up with the right command to get the answer but swear what I was looking for just wasn't where it was supposed to be. Spent a lot of time on that one but still finished with 20 min to spare.

Used Lammle, Odom and Packet Tracer for the majority. Know subnetting. On to 200-101.


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    Congrats! Great score too.
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    Good for you for standing up to the challenge before the new exam hits the market, congrats! good luck on the ICND2
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    Have you been working as a network admin or were you able to gleen the information needed from the books.
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    Nice score congrats!
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    I have been spending a lot of time learning ipv6, or should I just begin reviewing with basic understanding of ipv6 that I have?
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    Congrats. And good call jumping right into 200-101. I took a long break between them and it was rough.
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