Skillsoft's CEH v8 course: "Exam Eligibility" credit?

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Does anyone know if completing Skillsoft's Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) v8 online course (SKIL-0113) deems me eligible to attempt the CEHv9 exam? Or would I still be required to complete the application process, $100 fee, talk to my manger, etc.?

After searching for the answer myself, the closest confirmation I could find was the following line in an EC-Council press release from 2013:
[URL="http://Skillsoft's CEH v8 course: "Exam Eligibility" credit?"][/URL]
EC-Council has reviewed and endorsed Skillsoft's Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) courseware as meeting the exam objectives set forth in EC-Council's CEH exam

Does anyone know if I would be eligible to take the CEHv9 exam after completing this online course (and providing proof of completion to EC-Council)?



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    I'd be surprised if a v8 course would be sufficient for the v9 exam, but why would you want to take a v8 course when there are plenty of v9 available? I'm guessing skillsoft has updated content, but you might want to contact skillsoft and ask them directly. Either way here are a couple links that may help you:

    Skillsoft Certification Catalog: Skillsoft Certification Catalog
    EC-Council Endorsed Partners:

    I have found it to be VERY important to confirm with the vendor AND the Certifying Organization about things like this. It has saved my @ss and my $$$ a few times.

    Also - I don't know the skillsoft prices but if you contact (if you do this - pm me and i'll give you contact info for a cool rep), they offer a bundle that includes the CEH and CHFI courses, eLabs, official EC-Council Courseware, 1 year full access to their online training course library, and exam vouchers for both CEH and CHFI for around $2,200. Might be overkill but it's cheaper than WGU or official EC-Council training...

    Best of luck!
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