Passed Sec+ first try

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Hello guys..

So here I am.. Passed my first cert in the tech industry. I studied A+ (I realized I know most of the material due to being a lifetime gamer and just fixed up computers), proceeded on to study for the Network+ for 3 months. I was going to take the test but was low on cash so I proceeded on to study for the Security+. Everything just clicked. I used Professor Messer's videos, a month of cybrary videos, Darril Gibson's study guide, and transcender exam prep. 3 months later, I decided to go all out for 2 weeks and live and breathe sec+... Then came the day to take the exam.. When I looked at the questions.. I was so lost.. halfway through I thought I was going to fail. I said to myself.. fkk it, trust yourself and all the work you've done and that you know the material.. I was ready to go home and just give it a try some other time.. Voilah! I got 767/900!

My next venture is the CCNA. Any tips and advice? I'm pretty set on the subnetting subject.. What should I review?

Thank guys!


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    How good was the transcender questions? Was they close to the exam? I am considering purchasing it this week
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    All the best,

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    Thanks guys!
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    davidb1 wrote: »
    How good was the transcender questions? Was they close to the exam? I am considering purchasing it this week

    I was scoring high 90s on the practice exam.. I took the 4 practice exam atleast 4/5 times, totaling 16-20 100 question exams.. the first set of 4 I was scoring 60s and 70s. second time was 80s. Maybe I got used to the questions.. That's why I studied the darril gibson exam questions also. Look at other practice exams too. The exam, the way they worded it.. was weird... You just gotta have a good basic understanding of how things work and you will pass the exam.
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