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hello everyone. my son has an interview lined up at the Cleveland Clinic. i remember reading on here before about non-profits not being eligible for unemployment benefits. is this the case here? just trying to gather as much info as possible should he be offered the job.



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    Looks like it depends on the type of non-profit that you work for and if they pay unemployment taxes. If by chance they do not pay unemployment taxes, if your son was fired and applied for benefits it would be denied:
    Collecting Unemployment When Working for a Non-Profit Organization | Chron.com

    I have to ask - before even interviewing why are you already looking at unemployment benefits? Kinda odd IMO considering it would only apply if he was terminated from his job.
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    thanks. just one of the things that popped up. i have been in a position of losing my job before and having to collect unemployment. i didn't like it at all and it stood out to me when it was mentioned in here before about non-profits. i don't foresee any problems. he is a recent college grad and this will be his first full-time role out of college (aside from his internship) but just hope he never has to go through the unemployment process and if he does, hope that it is there for him
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    It depends on type of non-profit that you work and what they pay you as unemployment taxes.
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    My guess is that unemployment insurance is paid by the Cleveland Clinic. Way to big to get away without covering that.
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    he hasn't heard back yet so not likely it matters now...lol
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    I think it depends on the state as well. I worked for a church, got fired and was unable to collect unemployment because of their status.
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