CCNP 2016 Books : FLG or Chris Bryant Success Series

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Hello guys,
I scrolled through the forums and did not find any updated 2016 guide on ccnp latest books.
I have narrowed down the battle between the OCG to FLG to picking the FLG as I have read that it is more complete and oriented to learning the pillars.
However, I came across chris bryant CCNP success books on amazon , Do you guys think I should buy those instead of FLG . Does it have all the details and the information in it.
Please note that I will be supplementing my reading with videos.


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    I have no affiliation with him or his business, but I believe the majority of the content from Chris Bryant's CCNP video series on Udemy is used in the books based on his comments in the videos...stuff like notes, images, diagrams, etc.

    While I don't have the books myself, the video series is pretty good from what I've watched so far (only 30 videos in on SWITCH). There are a lot of "I passed" comments for the videos as well, so I'm hoping it's as good as I'd like it to be when I get back around to the CCNP. :)
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    I've been skimming his CCNP material and it is the nuts and bolts of stuff for the exam or at least stuff you need to know real world wise but I will use other sources for my study prep as well. I remember I used his material when studying for the CCNA and come exam day I knew 80% of the stuff on the exam. I feel the 20% wasn't really covered or lightly touched upon. So I failed that time but I went and filled in the blanks with the FLG. Based on that experience alone I will not use him as the sole study source.
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    Which video series is it on Udemy?
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    Are you asking if chris bryant ccnp stuff is on UDEMY? Do a search in udemy for ccnp his stuff comes up along with other peoples material as well.
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    Sorry i should have been more clear, which of his video series on UDEMY do people recomend? i notice he has quite a few different ones. I've passed CCNP Switch already.

    Also do you think his videos there, INE Videos and the OCG should be enough to pass route?
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