Passed CEH!!! (84,8%)

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I passed CEH a few days ago!!! In first place, thanks to this forum. It helped me a lot to review tips for the exam and study resources. I was very nervous, I though im gonna fail. But finnaly I passed, and with a good score (at least for me :D).

Background: Is my first certificate, and I dont have any experience in security (as a employee, I had experience in my lab at home ^^). I taken a course for CEH and Security+ in one school of my country. Teacher wasn't very good, fortunately I had previous experience with tools, techniques, etc.

My study resources:
- CEH Cert Guide, by Michael Gregg (provided by the school.
- CEH Official slides v8 (I recommend take a look, but dont put too much enfasis in learn every slide. Too much information. I recommend any other book, like the one posted up here, or Matt Walker book recommended in this forum.
- CompTia Security+ Study Guide Second Edition: I had this because of the course. Helped me with policies, ALE, laws,...
- Boson practice questions
- Free practice questions: Like fount at EC-Council website. There are some android apps that free version had a sample too.

Instead of CEH slides, I recommend any study guide. I used Michael Gregg guide, but people in this forum recommend Matt Walker. Maybe that exam guide is better.

Exam: Wasn't as I expected. Asked me a lot of questions related of policies, laws, and practical cases of all this.
About tools: nmap, a lot!!!! Really learn every parameter and its use of this tool. Metasploit (question about modules), hping, and random questions and this use.
Learn about new security concerns of this few years (Shellshock, Poddle, Heartbleed,...) i had a few questions about this.
And they asked my 2-3 questions about N-tier. At the exam, I had no idea of what it is (now I know, but I think I failed the questions). Read about it.
And the rest, all questions about ethical hacking, networks, etc.

Sorry for my english, is not my native language, im from Spain.
I hope this can help someone, in the same way other posts helped me. If someone had any question, feel free to ask ;).

And again, thanks to everyone. Regards


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    Congrats! And you're right, everyone who passed put up what you need to study. What's next for you?
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    Thank you both!!!
    Well, Im going to start searching for a job in computer security (maybe in pentesting), and start studying for the other certification, Security + of CompTIA. Later maybe LPIC-1 and CCENT and CCNA Security of Cisco. All this while I get enough experience to get any other certification of security, I thought OSCP. What do you recommend me?
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