Icnd 1 down

Woot, just knocked out ICND1 today. I had made the decision to start studying for this at the end of May and am setting the goal to get my CCNA before the new version hits the market.

Thanks to everyone here at the forums, Todd Lammle, and Jeremy from CBT! I also used PacketTracer to help with some of the "hands on" since I do not have access to physical equipment currently. Now begins the studies for ICND2...and I am going to try and set an ambitious goal of testing for it within a month!

No real world experience at this time if anyone is curious.
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  • GDainesGDaines Posts: 266Member
    Started and passed in under 2 months? Well done!
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    Thanks everyone, and yeah under 2 months - but it was at the cost of very little sleep! Working 6PM-2AM Mon through Fri and then studying at least 4-6 hours a day required a bit of sacrifice. However, the fruits of my labor are well worth it. ICND 2 is looking more and more daunting, but I refuse to bend the knee!
    Goal: GCIH Feb. 2019 | GCFA Nov. 2019 | MSc Data Analytics, Fall 2020
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