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Hi all,
Just passed CCSA NGX exam with 80%.
There was 65 questions on my exam and what I can say...more difficult than I expected.

Content security, Secure Platform (!!!), NAT, VPN (lots of !!!),Authentication, SmartMonitor,Dashboard, LDAP implementation(sic!), User management, disaster recovery, smartdefence etc.

On CheckPoint site you can find information that 156-215 exam is based 80% on infromation from official Handbook and 20% from real life.
The real exam is divided 50/50 in my opinion.
If you have no experience with REAL CheckPonit structure, you have no chance to pass this exam (even if you built a CP lab)
In 156-215 exam you can find topics not covered in official Mgmnt NGX Handbook and Syngress Configuring NGX book.

There was a lot of tricky, very detailed questions about VPN configuration, encryption method (3DES,AES,hash), IKE phrass 1, 2 negotiation, configurations steps for LDAP and so on.

I found 5-7 questions from NG AI braindumps founded on p2p but no more.


PS.Sorry for my simple english ;)
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