Looking for Guidance on Online MSIA Choice..

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I'm 10 years into my career and am contemplating a Masters in Information Assurance online. I started in IT audit and worked may way into security and have been in security-focused roles for the last 6 years. None of these roles have been technical, and one of the main drivers for looking at Masters programs is to obtain some technical depth to better underpin my strong security governance/risk management capabilities. I have been in a management role for the past 3 years and the chances that I'll need to put any technical skills to use are slim to none given how my career has been trending, but I have been itching for that solid foundation of technical knowledge. My undergraduate degree is a BS in MIS so I had some hands-on programming and database courses, but its not a CompSci degree and my professional roles never really demanded much hands-on technical work.

With that being said, I'm looking for a program that is well-rounded to cover both the technical and non-technical subject matter. I have no desire for a program that is 100% focused on security engineering. If Norwich's program had a little more in terms of technical curriculum, I wouldn't even blink. I know its a fantastic program, and despite its lack in this area, it is going to stay on my short list because of its value and it's tailored to roles I'd seek (CISO/Director).

I also like Penn State's curriculum for their MPS in Cybersecurity and Information Assurance, however I haven't found much in terms of reviews on the program and ideally I'd like a Masters in Science.

Does anybody have some suggestions on what to look at?



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