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Hi, the terminology is confusing sometimes when looking up conflict detection attempts with DHCP on windows server.
Is it basically just pinging the addresses in its lease to see if it gets a response or not? If it does then it doesn't lease that address out, but if it doesn't then it can lease that one.

Thanks for the clarification


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    Here ya go:


    This couldn't be explained any more clearly in the article above.

    Quick highlights:

    *When conflict detection attempts are set, the DHCP server uses the Packet Internet Groper (ping) process to test available scope IP addresses before including these addresses in DHCP lease offers to clients.

    *A successful ping means the IP address is in use on the network. Therefore, the DHCP server does not offer to lease the address to a client. If the ping request fails and times out, the IP address is not in use on the network. In this case, the DHCP server offers to lease the address to a client.

    *Each additional conflict detection attempt delays the DHCP server response by a second while waiting for the ping request to time out. This increases the load on the server. A value of no greater than two (2) for ping attempts is recommended.
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    You really answered your own question :)
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