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Hello all,
I have read through the boards and although a few times the same questions was asked it was never really answered except to say that bootcamp wasn't needed. And I do respect that answer but I am looking for anyone who has taken a bootcamp or online training from infosec institute, netcom learning, onlc or ced solutions. I would like to hear from you and what your experience was.

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    Looks like you found the answer, but want someone to tell you things will be different for you. Take the boot camp, if you want.

    The reason folks recommend against it, is because, one many have taken it and it was a waste of time. Two, most have adequate experience and merely need a text or two to achieve a passing score. Lastly, many find that with minimal experience, some lab time, reading, they can still pass. All these options far cheaper than the boot camp.

    Studying comes down to individual prefernce, learning style, disposable income, talent and flat out experience. The more experience one has, the better they will handle a light review and pass. The less experience, the more study one needs. Type of study comes down to preference, some people need to be in s class, some can handle audio text or review, some video, some just like to read and lab. No wrong way, except to not prepare.

    A+, NET+, SEC+ all are vendor neutral, and all entry level exams. Those who wish to continue in IT begin with these exams and move up from there, some skip them entirely.
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    Take your time and study and don't do the boot camp. The boot camp may get you the cert but when it comes to actually retaining the knowledge you'll need when you get a job and you're actually expected to know the material that was covered in your cert you'll be lacking.
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    Professor Messer and the sybex book are all you need.
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    You don't need a $2500 bootcamp for Security+. You can very easily self study for it. However, if your employer is willing to pay for a bootcamp, you might as well take it.

    I took a CISSP bootcamp. At the end of the week, I was not prepared for the exam. Bootcamps tend to teach you how to take the test moreso than actually teach you the material.
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    just like Tedjames said you dont need it. spend at least 1-2hours a day before going to bed. Within a month you should be good. exam is easy just dont rush it. good luck.
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