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Now that I finished CCNA Sec (to see how you can benefit from what i did, see this thread http://www.techexams.net/forums/ccna-security/114933-ccna-security-progress-thread.html) , my company wants me to go after something called Advanced Security Architecture for System Engineers which is a bit odd for me but they need in order to keep Gold Partner status, so I am like ok. The security exam and prep was a bit tough, especially because well it asked you stuff that no book will tell you save cisco docs. Advice - use asdm (demo mode, get it from cisco), get access to routers and switches (learncisconet) and dont use the OCG (use 31 days until your ccna sec, Chris Bryant's course, portable command guide for CCNA Sec and use Safaribooksonline). I so want to do CCNA Wireless (I have such an interest in it, and my boss said I can soon - Work wants me to get the CCDA (as I am in presales) and I also want to get the CMNA (you get free kit from Cisco Meraki because of that :))those are my goals for the rest of the year God willing - what about yours? icon_cheers.gif
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