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Hi all, new here to the forums but been around IT for awhile and am working to finish a BS in security and I am using certs to gain credits. My question is has anyone used the Cissp study guides to not only study for CISSP but also to pass the Security + exam? I'm trying to kill 2 birds with one stone and some may say why both with Sec + if I am going for Cissp but it is much cheaper to do sec + for 3 credits then to pay for an online class. Plus it shaves off 1 yr from the Cissp requirements as well. So then I get 3 lower credits for sec + and 3 upper credits for Cissp.

If this is possible can anyone suggest the best Cissp resource for this? I would still do the Transcender tests for both exams as I'm sure wording will be a bit different for each but essentially Cissp covers everything Sec + covers and then some from what I can see from the objectives.

Thanks for any help.


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    use Sec+ by Darril Gibsons AIO book. CBT nuggets Sec+ really useful. then go ahead with Sybex 7th ed for CISSP. Sec+ is pretty straight forward so I suggest you get the books for it. also is a good free source to use.
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    Some of CISSP applies to Security+, but I definitely wouldn't use CISSP as your only source. As Alfred said, Darril Gibson's Security+ guide is the absolute best resource. Cybrary is a close second and a great source of reinforcement.
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    For Sec+ I would recommend professor messer and the sybex book. that is really all you need!
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    Do you have any actual experience? If not, the CISSP is quite a lofty goal.

    As far as the material goes, the CISSP covers way more than the security+ and requires a different mindset. Personally I wouldn't use the same guide.
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