Choosing book for LPIC-2



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    I'm on chapter 3 of your book and I appreciate the little tid bits of humor in your scenario descriptions. Also, I'm very glad that you're promoting the "watch" command since not a lot of people know about it (I personally enjoy using "watch netstat -tulpn").

    My ex wife would tell you that I am not really funny. I should point out your post to refute her position. :)

    I use the watch command for a lot of things...from the mundane (using ls to see how much of that file has downloaded) to more complex situations. No doubt, a very useful command (and one that lots of folks don't know about).

    A big challenge of writing a cert book is to avoid information overload. I was careful to not include too much of "non-testable" topics because the reader feels they need to know all of that stuff to pass the exam. Plus, the book would have ended up much bigger if I included everything that I find useful in the real world.

    Glad you like it so far!

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