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I can only see the schedule for the next five months. Is it the same for all the tracks? This time frame is kind of tight with the rescheduling deadline of 91 days.

Edit: What's the difference between RTP &RTP_m?


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    That is typical for the scheduler.

    The _m slots are essentially floating slots, where extra rackspace is made available for any site where someone might need it. IE, RTP has X amount of racks assigned to it, and once those slots are full, that's done. The _m racks, when available, can be reserved at several sitse, and wherever someone registers with that slot, it is then blocked out everywhere. Basically, it's a scheduling trick to let them make more thorough use of the available equipment racks.

    Least, that's how it was all explained when I was in RTP in February.
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    Thank you for the explanation.
  • KrekenKreken Posts: 284Member
    Instead of starting a new thread, I'll ask here. Which location is better, RTP or San Jose?
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    RTP for sure. David is the best proctor Cisco has right now
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    RTP is the way to go.
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    Thanks. Besides the best proctor, how is it different/better than San Jose?
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    That depends somewhat on where you're coming from, etc. Coming from Chicago, I had better flights(could catch 5:45 flight instead of having to catch a 10PM filght from SFO AND drive through rush hour traffic), easier travel, timezone fit my regular sleep pattern better (I wake up early anyway)
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