Insight on Houston IT Market

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Just curious to know if anyone has any insight relating to the IT hiring trend in Houston. I understand that oil & gas is down at this time. For the last two months i've been searching for a Sys Admin role but can't seem to get any calls/emails back.

To date, I have tweaked my resume and currently prepping for the MCSA cert. Any help or recommendations would be appreciated.


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    I'm curious how it is over there, as well. I may consider moving to Houston or Austin in a few years.
    Current goals: CCNA/CCNP
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    Currently in Houston. I like it but moving to Austin. Got a sweet gig lined up. What is your expertise (you said SysAdmin but thats still broad)
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  • CIOCIO Member Posts: 151
    I thought about relocating to Austin or Dallas but the girlfriend has a great job here at the med center and wouldn't be able to make a move until she completes grad school.

    So far in my career, I haven't been able to get pass the general Technical Support Specialist phase after 6 years. When researching sys admin roles, some of the duties that employers desire are very similar to what i'm dealing with at my current role. Currently i'm at a small public school that has a 3 man IT team (which includes our boss) and we deal with everything that relates to IT; servers, networking and general troubleshooting.

    I know that titles aren't everything but I just feel like im stuck at a dead-end gig. No room for promotions or to specialize in an area.

    Currently, i'm prepping for the the MCSA: Server 2012 (passed 70-410) and the Security+
  • shortiebsshortiebs Member Posts: 17 ■□□□□□□□□□
    I just moved from Houston. Jobs in general are down because of the oil and gas companies going under. lots of lay offs. lots of new competition in the area. according to my friends back home, it still hasnt picked back up.
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