Confused on ports

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which ports can you get confused with by looking at them. icon_confused.gif:


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    Nobody knows what im talking about?
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    Granted you're talking about actual physical hardware ports (to plug in cables), I would say there could be confusion among less experienced techs. For example: VGA and Serial, different DVI variations, Etc... There are always confusion between different network cables such as Cat5 and Cat6, or different versions of Coax. How about USB 1.1 and USB 2.0 cables. Heck, even 40-pin/40-conductor and 40-pin/80-conductor IDE/ATAPI/ATA cables. These examples might not prove valid for most, but they could be easily confused with one another if less experienced and/or merely not paying close enough attention...

    - Joey
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    In my opinion it's pretty easy to get confused on the way ports and connectors are referred to. Practice makes perfect. I would start by taking a look at the back of your own PC familiarize yourself with how many pins each port has and what plugs into them. Then compare it to your text book or whatever material you are using to study so you can memorize them. As far as IDE/SCSI cables are concerend, the best way to get familiar with the insides of a PC is to just take it a part and put it back together. Hope this helps! :D
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    Ohh, excelent question.

    In old days confusion between ports and where to plug them was very often.Today manufacturers use code colors in order to figure out with your common sense were to plug them. But, i would like to share the ports that in my experience you can get confused

    PS/2 <-- keyboard&mouse <-- were to plug them
    RGB/Serial<--- video adapter / serial port
    Audio plugs<--- if there is no code identification you can plug the headphones where the microphone goes jeje<--- take a look to the end of the connector in order to identify where it goes.
    IDE ribbon<-- 40 vs 80 pins

    Greets :)
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