dhcp relay agent where to place it?

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dhcp relay agent where to place it.


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    On a router or layer 3 switch that has a route to the DHCP server.

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    dhcp relay agent where to place it.

    This is what's in my study notes, not sure if it's my words or copied from one of my study sources.

    Where a router stands between a DHCP client and server you need to configure an ip helper-address which will allow the router to act as a DHCP relay agent. This should be configured on the outgoing interface of the LAN facing the host. Where multiple DHCP servers exist, multiple ip helper-addresses can be configured but these do not undertake any form of load balancing.
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    I think it's important to note, that the ip helper-address command literally just tells any router interface that it's on, to forward all broadcast traffic that it sees, as a unicast to any ip-helper-addresses configured. So it can be used for much more than just DHCP, it's actually the recommended way to do PXE booting as well.
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