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New to this site but not new to this field. I have 6 years experience working with computers but really want to move out of the tech position and into a network administrator position. I have put aside my A+ cert studying on the side (getting it just for looks) and have decided to study for the ccna. However, I also heard about the ccent path and was wondering should I even go for the ccna cert or first get the ccent and then ccna. I'm stuck in limbo and just need some feedback and advise thanks for stopping in.


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    Go for CCENT and if it's too much study network+ first.
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    If you are studying for CCENT, don't ever go back to N+. It would be a waste of time & resources.

    A little history. A while ago, CCNA was only one exam. According to Cisco, a person holding CCNA could support a small organisation. Then Cisco changed the exam and CCNA's description to support a medium size organisation. The exam became harder and it was split in two parts: CCENT1 and CCENT2. If you pass two CCENT exams, you get CCNA certificate but the option to take one exam still remains.

    If you are new to networking, taking it slowly and going CCENT path would be less stressful.
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    Thanks guys, I really appreciate the input. I have some networking experience under my belt, but not enough for me to confidently apply for a networking position. I plan to get this done within six months. Thanks for your feedback
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