A+ Question 801/802 or 901/902

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Hello, i'm new here and have a little question.
I live in Switzerland and would like to do the A+ Certification.
Til the end of the year the german Test is still the old one 801/802.. and not like in the US 901/902.
I went to a book store and saw a german book about A+ 901/902.
My question is, can i learn with the book for 901/902 and then do the 801/802 Test? Are the Test questions similar or is the difference to big?

Thanks for your help. greetz from switzerland


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    The 801/2 will have windows Vista stuff on it along with some older technology like parallel printing. I doubt that's in the 900 series. Now if you know Vista then you might be OK.
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    If you plan on taking the 801/802 then you need the 01-02 book. If you plan on taking the newer exam then you need the newer book.
    When I took my Sec+ I managed to take the sys301 before it retired so I studied the 301 material.
    When they retire an exam they change a small portion or add something to the exam that is covered in the new book. Since you have until the end of the year to do the old exam.... I would recommend taking the old exam. Jan is a ways away and you have plenty of time to study.
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    MavericksMavericks Registered Users Posts: 2 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Yes i'm going to take the old exam.. because they didn't announce the date when the new exam is available in switzerland..
    Thanks for your help!
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