70-680 Pass!

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Just passed the 70-680 yesterday. Whew! icon_cheers.gif

6 weeks of studying and passed with an 822 - I'm happy with it.

I just had a promotion to a higher level role at my current position and they paid for the certification, now to figure out what's next.

Study Resources I used:
Professor Messer Videos
Microsoft Press - MCTS 70-680 Self-Paced Training Kit and including Measure Exams (Most helpful resource)
ITProTV ( I do not recommend these videos, this was free from my work because we just acquired the company)
Transcender Exams ( I didn't really feel like they were very representative of the exam, they were much more difficult)
Exam Cram (Used mostly for quick review after reading a chapter in the Microsoft book)


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    Congrats. It's a tough exam.
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    Welcome to the club
    Certs Gained 2020: CCNA

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    Congrats man. I'm currently on that exam too using Dons book..
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