Home lab on my desktop with VMWare Workstation for 70-410?

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Hey guys,

I currently have a custom built desktop with 16GB of RAM. I'm going over the 70-410 and I see a lot of Hyper-V stuff. Because of this, I was thinking about bumping up to 32GB DDR3 RAM. My question is, has anyone ever ran Hyper-V on their custom built desktops with VMWare Workstation and having the server as the guest with Hyper-V running in it? Does it work properly?


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    It should be no problem, to run a couple of vm's. Especially if you have a SSD to store them. When you'll get to 74-409 or 70-246/247 i would recommend 32Gb.
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    Yup I have. One thing I would say is, if you have the money, build a dedicated machine for this. It will save you so much hassle. There is a nice post heresrabiee lists all the parts. I copied this.
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    Not my own computer, but I have used lab computers in training centres with a similar config to yours. 4 core i7 with hyperthreading and virtualisation features, 16GB of RAM with 3 VMs running Server 2012. So it's doable. More RAM is always nice with Virtualisation, SSDs are nice too. But it would probably be reasonable to use.

    These aren't production machines, so you can underspec them a bit.
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