JavaScript - + 70-480

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Boss has me doing some basic web development work. Been fun. But I know I am hacking things more than I should.

Figure it I might as well take a few classes since the budget is there.

I was thinking CIW javascript cert and the Microsoft 70-480 exam in that order. Any glaring problems with using these two certs at my roadmap for upping my old Javascript/HTML skills?



  • EagerDinosaurEagerDinosaur Member Posts: 114
    I recommend 70-480. Although I've been doing development of various kinds for 25 years, I found 70-480 tough, so I think it's a valuable exam. It gives good coverage of core JavaScript functionality, including Ajax and the new HTML5 features in Javascript. It also covers jQuery to some extent. It doesn't cover some other popular JavaScript frameworks such as Angular or Bootstrap, so you may want to study those separately, which is what I'm currently doing.
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