Passed CEH this week! 89.2%

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Hi all,

I sat and passed my CEH exam with a score of 89.2%. I'd like to thank everyone here for their advise. Here's what I would suggest based on my prep:

Study period

1. I started studying about 2 weeks before the exam, and focused on it quite a bit. I worked for the first week, meaning that I was only able to study after office hours.
2. I took a week off from work and focused on CEH and nothing else. This really helped.

Materials for studying:

I attended formal classes a long time ago (I mean years ago!). So, using a self-study approach, here's how I studied:

1. Youtube!
There's a tonne of videos out there on Youtube for CEH. This gave me a good foundation of the focus areas. I also signed up for ITU (ITU | The Leaders in E-Learning) and found their videos useful too.

2. Matt Walker's CEH All-in-one Guide.
Great book, although I didnt read it at all. I did the exercises which helped.

3. Skillset.
I signed up for the pro version. I wouldn't say its necessary, but its completely up to you. Some of the videos they have on their site are useful to prepare for the exam.

4. Boson
I paid for Boson and this was very useful as well. The exams are challenging but it gives you an idea of how challenging the exam is. The exam itself was just as challenging as the Boson questions.

5. Google:
Based on the advise of everyone else who has posted here (thank you very much!), I took the path of Google-fu to research and truly understand the new vulnerabilities such as Logjam, POODLE, Heartbleed, and FREAK. I also watched videos / demonstrations of these vulnerabilties on Youtube as well.

6. Techexams
Yup, that's right. Research this forum and you'll find that most folks have already left a lot of tips for exam takers. Read these tips and understand them. Pay attention to them as they give you an idea of the exam and the areas that are usually covered. And for that, I must say thank you to all who have posted here as well.

What you should know about the exam:

1. Its not HARD, but its TRICKY! (No, I'm not boasting, I just don't want you to start with the mindset that the exam is difficult)
2. Know your tools, and know them well.
3. Please know the latest vulnerabilities such as Logjam, FREAK, Heartbleed and POODLE. Know them well, as they could ask you anything about this. Don't memorize, just understand it.
4. Understand XMAS scans
5. Pay close attention to Nmap, TCPDump, Hping2/3, sniffing, sql injections.
6. Understand symmetric and asymmetric encryption
7. Know the characteristics of stream ciphers
8. Understand wireshark syntax, and how it works
9. Understand the different types of viruses.
10. Know the different laws (HIPPA, etc.). Again, don't memorize, but understand the definition of each, and what industries they are for.

Good luck to anyone taking the exam!



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    Congratulations and thanks for the tips!
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