any books and notes online about MCITP 2008?

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i was going on windows server MCSA and MCSE 2003 server, unfortunately we was learning to work in isa server 2004 so i never studied for job application MSSql. Now i want to work online windows servers and i was wondering are there still windows 2008 server books? one more thing, my sister throw away all notes i haved from courses, if anyone have that too.


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    There are many books for MCSA 2008. You want books for exams 70-640 70-642 and 70-646. Make sure you get books for the 2008r2 version. There are some all in one guides that cover all three exams. I recommend Microsoft Press, but other people might recommend others.
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    thansk i found them. it's good i have tha i have two mark minassie's books about windows server 8. too bad for notes i haved about mcse 2003 i have only left virutal machine files from mcsa and some .doc files explaning basic things. here in serbia i was on course that lasts 2 time more then others and it's most expensive and i didn't haved the money for mssql training. it was long time ago in 2008. i found some MCITP trainer handbooks on facebook, i have ms press files too. i haved to download base fille for windows server becouse mine didn't haved default password on all virtual machines. found it on 4shared and that's it.
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    found labfiles and virtual machine files for windows server 2003. also found som TrainerHandbooks for MCITP. to don't be confusion my script files from mcsa/mcse 2003 are 2285B for vpc's london, vancouver and glasgow, 2279 and 2282 with same virtual machines. if someoen haves scaned or photographed notes from mcse 2003 that would be great.
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    i found some notes from mcse for windows 2003. step by step guide without detailed explanation, ip adressing and nothing. something about windows 9x systems etc. actualy ms press files i have are only examples and i don't have anymore real books about mcse 2008, it's now hard to find any real one. things is i payed 3000 evros for mcsa and mcse for windows server 2003 i practiced it, have labfiles and all and in serbia salery is 300 euros. so my sister throw up my notes, she spited tea on my motherboard etc. and i realy need notes. we got with students dvd mark minasi book and i readed it i practiced. i tryed to do html becouse my friend told me to, and he is now doing 2d and 3d animations. i passed many corses, when i passed for maintaincing pc's they turned of site where even ppl with besic knowladge of computers can get a job. so maybe i should buy books or something they are not expensive but i realy need notes about mcse and windows server 2003.
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