Virtual disk question in VMware workstation for lab

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When I'm going through the new vm machine wizard and get to the part to specify disk capacity it asks if you would like to split virtual disk or store as a single file. I have been leaving this as the default split virtual disk into multiple files. Should I use a single image file instead of keeping the default. I notice there are a ton of files/folders at the path I specified. Are there any advantages/disadvantages to split files? I am using a win 7 host with vms for a lab computer.
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    This is something that is best decided yourself, use this link as a guidance :)
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    If you are on the same computer (not copying files around) and the drive is formatted NTFS. Then there is no need to split the files as it will create decrease in performance. I would also recommend that you dedicate an SSD for your VM files as it will be night and day for performance! You can thank me later :)

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