Got a month to study for LPI/Linux +.

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My boss would like me to get my LPI. I'd like to know whether the Linux + or LPI is easier. My guest is that the Linux + is, and I just took and passed the Network +, so I have familiarity w/CompTia testing.

My boss said he doesn't mind and would even pay for my Linux +, if I wanted to do that one first. Should I opt to? icon_confused.gif

I have been a Jr. Linux Adm. for about a year and 1/2. I have done no compiling in Linux and have been primarily RedHat. Additionally, I have not set-up an e-mail or web server from scratch, yet .
We are trying to convert to SUSE (Novell Linux OES).

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanx in advance.
Ciao and Meow




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    you can search the net for information on LPI... you must be familiar with the CLI, deb and rpms...
    go to the IBM website.. and search for their LPI study guide.... im using it to brush up my knowledge on NIX systems...
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    Thank you. I've gone to IBM, registered and downloaded the Tutorials.
    Hey, is it worth me pursuing the Linux +, first? I been a hands on RH admin. now for about 2 years. I do use Webmin alot. But I am also comfortable w/the command line. It seems like a good stepping stone for the LPI. I just don't want to buy anymore books. icon_moneyeyes.gif My company will pay, and it's a lifetime cert. Then definitely off to the LPI.

    Thx again.
    Ciao and Meow


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    You already mention the benifits of going for Linux+ first and since your boss is paying, I'd say go for it. If you have a peek at the Linux+ exam objectives, and our Linux+ TechNotes, you should get a pretty good idea whether Linux+ has something new to offer to you. But regardless, it will look good with the LPIC, and Linux+ is somewhat redhat minded even though it's a vendor neutral exam. So if you combine your experience, our technotes, the free linux+ stuff at our friends, and use the wealth of online information, you should be able to get through with having to buy any new books. If you do buy new books, I suggest buying something that goes beyond Linux+ and can be useful to prepate for LPIC as well.
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    I suggest to take a look on the CBT for linux from . My opinion is that these are pretty good.

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    many many many of my friends have gotten both
    i know alot of people that work for digium(part. asterisk)

    and linux+ is Way easier
    so they say

    but lpi is expandible and more, not recognized, but more hard to get, therefore more clout on the market
    and lpi offers 3 stages
    lpic-1, 2 and 3

    junior level, something, and senior level linux administration

    so if its long term id look into lpi
    a+ certified
    planned path:
    2. Network+(taking this friday the 14th
    4.CCNA(cisco net associate)
    3. MCP(Winxp Cert)
    8.Lpi LPIC-2
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    I decided on taking the LPI and not Linux +.
    It seemed that the LPI is more prestigious.
    It was hard 98 questions and 2 hours.

    Know the Xwindows stuff and both Debian and RedHat (RPM) stuff was on the exam. I was told that I'd have a choice between the 2, and about 2 days before the exam, I was advised that both would be on the exam instead and they were.

    It is hard, but if you work in it, that should help tremendously.

    It also helps to say a little prayer to the good Lord!

    Good Luck to everyone.

    I will be trying for the second half in about a month.
    Ciao and Meow


  • MunckMunck Senior Member Member Posts: 150
    Good job on the first half. I look forward to welcoming you in the club in a months time icon_cool.gif Don't wait any longer, as the stuff is very similar. I took 14 days between the two myself.
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    congrats on the pass geekcodes
  • geekgodesgeekgodes Junior Member Member Posts: 16 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Thanks to everyone, and to Munck: I'll check back about club membership! icon_wink.gif Subject: Passed LPI 101, you can too and here are a few tips.

    Best of Luck and say your Prayers!
    Ciao and Meow


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