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I bought a a Voice-enabled Cisco 2821 ISR Router for my Cisco CCNA Voice Collaboration LAB loaded with Cisco Unified CUCME/CME 8.6 (Call Manager Express) and CCP 2.7.IOS version is Mainline 15.1.4.M10 Adv. Enterprise Services(c2800nm-adventerprisek9-mz.151-4.M10.bin)

This Router includes the following Voice Cards and Modules:

- FXO Analog Card (needed to make Phone Calls outside the LAN)
- FXS Analog Card (needed to connect an Analog Phone)
- PVDM2 Module (needed to enable both Voice Cards)

I got everything working with my LAN Switch creating a LAN-based Phone Network.

All configurations for Inbound and Outbound Rule are all working.
The "connection" command for the Inbound Rule specifies a private-line, automatic ring doqwn (PLAR) connection, off premise connection (OPX) and to forward the incoming call from PSTN to the extension number say 2001.
In other words, if someone is calling my PSTN Phone number at home say 415-810-2907, the call is forwarded to extension 2001.
Is it possible for a single PSTN line ( not a DID trunk ) since this is just for Lab PURPOSES to call the extension number directly without dialing the the 415-810-2907? I mean I will dial 415-810-2001 instead of my landline 415-810-2907. If so how will I configure my router?
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    Only way you could get extension 2001 when you dial 415-810-2001 if that numbers was associated (if that number was provided with the pstn line). The provider will need to know where to send the call coming in for 415-810-2001. You can't just configure the CME router and assumes if someone dials 415-810-2001 the provider will know it belongs to you. But if that number was provided by the pstn then you can just set up a translation pattern which changes this number 415-810-2001 to your extension 2001.
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