Passed CEH v9 3 July

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Glad that I'm done with this one. It was rather stupid, comprehensively confusing and tries to chew more than it can bite.
I understand now the "scorn" that some people here have for it.

Anyway, some words about my experience:

- Read the Matt Walker AIO v8 and the Oriyano Sybex V9 books. In my opinion, both lay out the info a bit differently as they try to massage the English language to talk about the same thing. They both display the wealth of tools available for "ethical hackers" without going too much in depth of course (with the occasional teeth-grinding legal caveat about proper responsibility thrown in)

- Reviewed some of the Aspen slides from WGU. That's a bunch of hogwash and again, some poor sap contractor who tries to compile the information in ppt format while giving work to some graphic designers to come up with cool slides

- Boson test: it showed me the structure of the potential EC Council questions. Frankly, they were better written than the EC Council ones. The official test questions had many grammatical errors, stupid premises and just plain dumb distracting questions.

Test experience:

I'm currently deployed overseas, so I used Proctor U with WGU's web cam to take the test. My bandwidth was barely fast enough to connect to the proctor and share my screen lol. I had to use the chat box to communicate with her. With the amount of work I've been doing and time of study, I even forgot what my username was when trying to login and spent almost 10 minutes trying to remember it in my list of usernames, requesting a password change and whatnot. Once logged in, the proctor left me alone and I took about 65 minutes to read and answer the questions.
I am pretty sure that at least 7-10 questions were not in the books at all and apparently just assumed to be general knowledge for a "hacker" ughhhh!!!

Anyway, glad I'm done with it. I will have to wait for the official results so that I can pass them to WGU and move on to CHFI and completing my capstone.


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    Awesome work. How helpful was your CEH **** sheet you posted a few weeks ago?
    I find your lack of Cloud Security Disturbing!!!!!!!!!
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    TranceSoulBrotherTranceSoulBrother Member Posts: 215
    Clm wrote: »
    Awesome work. How helpful was your CEH **** sheet you posted a few weeks ago?

    It helped with some of the crypto questions. This test like others is pretty wide, so while others posted about a bunch of NMAP questions, I might have had 2 of them. I had a bunch of crypto questions, some PKI implementation and others that I forgot about. I found a couple of SANS **** sheets too about NMAP/NESSUS...but again, reading the books was good for overall prep/intro.
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