APMG's AgilePM any good?

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I've been looking at a few of the Agile certifications, and was recommended APMG's Agile Project Management certification. It is based on DSDM's framework (which I don't know a lot about) and it seems to have a little more rigour than the Scrum Master certification, and a bit less "cludgy than Prince2 Agile" and more accessible than PMI Agile certified Practitioner. Plus, it has a self study option :)

But does anyone know how these compare? Or have a recommendation for other good quality Agile methodologies/frameworks with certifications?
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    IMO The only agile certifications that has any teeth are related to SCRUM. Check out the link below. From my experience this one is CCIE of agile project management.

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    Thanks for the link, I'm going to take a second look at this. I know some people who have completed the ScumMaster training and certification, and they felt that it wasn't very deep, but it seems that they do offer a bigger range of certifications, so there might be something in there with more substance.
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    If it's deep you want you'll have to pursue that on your own. That's the beauty of agile and scrum it's real world focused on iteration and delivery. Never having to much in the pipeline at once (Kanban). Project management isn't hard from a technical / framework, the hard part is the emotional side of managing all the personalities. That fact your friend said there wasn't much depth to me validates that it's a good certification.

    When I read scrum/agile books it makes sense it's intuitive, unlike a lot of the other project management frameworks.

    Just my opinion though...
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    Hi, I think the AgilePM course is excellent, it is very complete.
    - You should be able to find a course in Australia as there are many Agile training partners there

    Another good Agile course is the EXIN Agile Scrum course (lighter and easier to pass)
    - I think you will have to do an online course : http://bit.do/EAScrum
    - Use google and search for EXIN Agile Scrum online

    Please avoid the PRINCE2 Agile course, this is a complete waste to time. I am not a big fan of CSM as these courses are expensive and you just get a certificate of attendance.

    If you wish to do a Scrum course then look at: 1) EXIN Agile Scrum or 2) PSM from Scrum.org
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    I've taken the leap and am studying for AgilePM Foundation/Practitioner.

    So far it is good stuff. Whilst the Scrum things are very focussed on product development, this is a fuller Project Management approach so looks like it can scale better. It's also possible to integrate with other methodologies and frameworks, so you could do your sprints with the team using Scrum approaches, and manage it at a higher level with these Agile approaches, and even fit it into a Prince2 lifecycle and borrowing some parts from Six Sigma (focus on quality), Lean (streamlining and organising), and PMI (managing people, money, communications with external stakeholders) - picking the best bits from each as needed.

    I'll do a more full write up when I'm done.
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    Thanks Octal. I'm looking forward to your review.
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    That's great Octal, I'm also interested in reading your review so please keep us posted.
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