What a fiasco the Microsoft and Pearson VUE setup is for booking exams

A totally confusing, nonsensical interface. The whole interface is a total mess. I'm trying to book the 70-697 exam and have bought the booster pack from Pearson. I had to sign up with yet another account on their mindhub site to get the pack. No explanation whatsoever to how to apply it to an exam booking. So I go onto the MS site to get redirected to the Pearson exam booking site to book the exam. No information there also on how to apply the booster pack.

The whole structure is an utter joke, why isn't everything in on logical place ?


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    I have never bought this but pretty sure you just enter in the voucher you should've got, when buying the booster pack, towards the end of when you are booking the exam on the PearsonVue site... icon_scratch.gif

    edit: Hmmm, well I played around with it and ended not being able to book the same because I kept getting an error with their site when choosing a time to take it:

    Still should be able to just apply the voucher when paying for it I assume.
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    Mindhub is a different site, thus the new account. After buying your booster pack they send you an email within 24 hours, that email has a voucher code in it. Go to the Pearson Vue site, yes a new site and new account, and sign up for the exam. When you get to the payment information you will see a field for a voucher (it looks like a coupon code field on every other site), enter the voucher number in to this field. Your new balance will be $0.00 and you will be able to book your appointment.

    Are you sure you're ready for 70-697?
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    BlackBeret wrote: »
    Are you sure you're ready for 70-697?

    Very funny. I didn't know it sent a voucher code separately as it had said already shipped and it wasn't in my email. Yes it did arrive later. Many thanks for your help with this matter :D
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