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I am taking the summer off from school to get a cert of two. I have my MCSA 2k, A+, and N+. I work as a system administrator also. I was wondering what everyone thought would be a good next step in my cert path. Or would it be a better choice to take summer classes and try to get my BS sooner?

Thanks for the input


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    First of all check out the thread above.

    Next, I guess you have a few options depending on what you want to do...

    I guess if I were you and already had an MCSA, I might go for an MCSE. If that seems like too much work then maybe get a couple certs that will make you more diverse... Like a Linux certification, Security or maybe try for the CCNA.
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    That would depend on what your career goals are. If you like the system administrator job then I'd finish the MCSE.

    If you would like to go into networking, I'd focus on Cisco's CCNA.

    Best of luck,

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    I like how the sys admin job is supposed to be...LOL. I figured the MCSE was the next step...wanted to make sure since its a lot of work.

    I have been hearing more and more ppl saying degree is more important and that you can come back to certs. I am pretty close to being done with school, 10 classes left, and have been wondering if i should just push for hte BS.

    Just to let you know neither cert nor degree will help me at my current job...only in future jobs.
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    Go for your BS. Don't waste time when you are almost near the goal line. Think of it this way: with certifications, you will have to recertify as new technology comes out. With BS, it's one shot and you're done; plus, it is highly regarded as the standard to have in getting advanced jobs. After 7 years in IT workfield, and out of it for 4 years with no BS, I'm going back to get my BS next starting term. Hard to get a decent job when one is out of touch with IT for 4 years and no BS.
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    I agree with zenboy.
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