Please guide for CISSP prepartion

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I need guidance for CISSP preparation, Books and study material from where to download and buy


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    Please start by reading the official requirements. This will be your first real look at the exam, its requirements and initial downloads. Be sure you read and understand the requirements first.

    Second go to Amazon or try this Amazon search for related materials:

    Currently, this search yields some 937 individual products. I suggest you order early and often as it will take a while to read all this information.

    Lastly, enjoy the journey. Study hard. Get some experience then ask good questions on Tech Exams and we will be more than happy to assist.

    - b/eads
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    Most likely every single question you have can be answered by looking at old posts here. The "Passed CISSP" threads are a good starting point to see how others approached their study. Best of luck!
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    I did self study only but each their own.

    my 3 pieces of material & I read everything cover to cover

    1. official CISSP study guide (you need to read the official stuff)
    2. Eric Conrad's 3rd edition CISSP study guide (I liked his style)
    3. CCCure's online test bank (overly detailed answers but sometimes the detail is good to understand the CONCEPT)

    i took about 200 pages of written notes from the books, never really reviewed them but the process of writing things down helps me remember anything that I did not understand, I made a 3x5 flash card which I did review. I made a couple hundred flash cards (maybe 300?) took over 3000 practice questions (2000 from CCCure) although almost NONE of them were like the actual exam but maybe the lab ones (after the chapter questions) in the official study guide. I spent just over 2 months of hard focused studying (not working) and passed on the 1st attempt. (I also do have 10+ years in info security & compliance experience)

    best piece of advice I could give anyone taking the CISSP exam
    understand the CONCEPTS of all the material... if remembering the detail helps you remember the CONCEPT, so be it but you need to know all the CONCEPTS.... sorry if that is vague but the exam is basically that way.

    hopes this helps
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    I want to first ask you what experience you have in the IT Security Field? How many years have you been doing work in the field?

    As for what to's what I used and my study habits...Mind you, I have over 20+ years of IT Security Experience.

    Books and study Material in order of my purchase and reading.
    (ISC)2 Official CBK - Hardest book I have ever read, so much fluff..
    CISSP Study Guide, 2E by Eric Conrad
    CISSP Study Guide 11th Hour by Eric Conrad
    **CCCure Practice Exam
    CCCure Review Notes
    **Transcender Practice Exams
    Sunflower Review Notes
    **(ISC)2 Official Study Guide 7th Edition - Sybex
    **Cybrary CISSP videos and MP3s.
    **Combined Notes from here
    **Quizlet (ISC)2 Official Flash Cards (These are free and are the exact same flash cards they gave us at the class)
    **Official (ISC)2 Traning Guide CISSP CBK - Official Training Guide from the class.

    I read them all, cover to cover. The ones with the ** are what I think were most beneficial to my passing the exam. With the class I believe this is what helped me pass.

    My study habits. From April to around August, I studied now and then, when I had time, mostly reading the Official CBK. From August until the test in November, I studied for about 4-6 hours a day. If I had a break at work, in line for lunch and then 2-3 hours a night at home. I only took Sundays off.

    When I took the exam, it took me 4 Hours and 44 minutes to complete. For each question I read the answers first. Then read the question. Then re-read the question again and pointed out the Adverbs and Adjectives. Then looked at the answers again. I first eliminated the obvious answers that did not match the Adverbs or Adjectives. Then made an educated Selection of the remaining answers. If I wasn't 75% sure of my selection, I flagged the question.

    After my first pass, I took a break, went to the restroom, drank a bottle of water and ate a granola bar. Then I reviewed my flagged questions, about 50 of them. I actually changed 11 of the answers, but only changed them if I was 100%. Those that I changed I either selected wrong the first time or the answers were identified by other questions in the exam.


    I cannot stress this enough. If you take the test with a Technician or Engineer's not going to work. CISSP is a Management Certification, not a SSCP or Security + and not a test where you will get asked what color the sky is.

    Good Luck!
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    Couldn't we just make a sticky for this question. Something like: Snappy answers to questions about the CISSP already answered...?

    Fighting the /s flag. Its Friday and I am really, really fighting the urge.

    Now go shop on Amazon for CISSP materials.

    - b/eads
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    beads wrote: »
    Couldn't we just make a sticky for this question. Something like: Snappy answers to questions about the CISSP already answered...?

    Fighting the /s flag. Its Friday and I am really, really fighting the urge.

    Now go shop on Amazon for CISSP materials.

    - b/eads

    Does make you wonder how good of an IT Sec person is if they can't search the forums for all the other "What I did to Pass" threads... :)icon_twisted.gif
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