Which IT Project Management Certification ?

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Hi, I am at Manager level designation from last one year and want to know what certification to go for ?
In IT space I am in to Mobile/Digital Practice and lead a small Dev & Mobile Release team, Need suggestion on what Project Management Certification suiting my current profile should help, can someone please share his/her views ? Is there any technical certification related to Mobile/Digital Practice ?

From Project Management perspective I know PMP is there but it looks I am still not ready/eligible and neither my company reimburse the certification cost.

Thanks !


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    Since you are in Dev and Release without a doubt I would look at the CSM or CSPO. One is for agile PM's and the other is for Product Owners. If you are a "manager" I would look at the CSPO.

    I work for a fortune 20 and we have literally retooled our whole project management methodology, in fact we no longer look for PMP's.

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    CAPM is the junior version of PMP, and has lower entry requirements. It is a good option if you are still working to get the experience required for PMP.

    BUT the best advice I can recommend is not to look at just one methodology/framework. From what you describe - lead small dev team - Scrum does seem like a good fit, but it also depends on what kind of environment you are reporting to, the complexity of the projects, the needs of the business etc. If the upper levels of the business are using different methods, perhaps things more like Prince2 or PMBOK, then you need also to understand those to effectively 'bridge the gap'.

    I think reading a few books/articles might be a good option to get a feel for the variety of options.


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    Since I am in to Dev & Release <With release I mean my team and myself handle creating mobile binary, also handle AppStore for all platforms, Android, iOS, Windows> so will CSPO or CSM will be a good fit ?
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    For Scrum, start with CSM (actually, start by reading the manifesto: it's pretty short) which gives a good overview of the program. That is about 'managing' the work of the team. The Product Owner is essentially 'the customer' - the person defining the time/cost/quality/scope.

    My feeling is that you can't know too much about this stuff.
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    I'd do PMP & CSM
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    +1 with Octal start with the CSM, that might be all you need, in fact I am pretty sure it is. CSM is gold and it's only trending up. Seriously who has time for huge planning cycles? Email to execution is the name of the game. I wouldn't bother with the other agile certifications. In the states in 11 / 12 - 1 CSM to other methodologies (from my basic research on Indeed). I see RUP or SOA (IBM's methodology sometimes brought up in very mature organizations) but not enough to certify in it.

    For a 3 day course 799 USD you can't beat the return..... It really is a no brainer

    Speed is becoming more essential to winning. Not to mention that methodology is designed primary for development, even though I see it taking over in other departments too.

    @datacomboss, wasn't trying to step on toes, I just don't see the PMP coming up much in the app dev world, a world that I live in....
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    Is the CSM only good for someone working/managing in a software dev team? Also would it go hand in hand with Prince2 or any other PM certs?
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    @ Eddo1 hate absolutes so I won't say ONLY for app dev, but PRIMARILY (That is current state from my perspective). With that said, it's becoming used more and more in other types of projects. In fact some of our process / organizational restructure projects are going with CSM.

    I can see it grabbing more market share in the future, but obviously that's a guess. The market moves so fast I honestly don't know if it's worth pursuing. I haven't seen a real need for it myself. If you are looking at project management and you are outside the US I would consider getting the Practitioner portion of Prince2. (Just a thought)
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