Upgrade Windows 7 Ceertification to Windows 10

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Please advise, what exam I need to upgrade my windows 7 certification?


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    franco67 wrote: »
    Please advise, what exam I need to upgrade my windows 7 certification?

    There isn't an upgrade option from 7 (yet), only windows 8. You'll need the 697 *and* 698 for Windows 10 MCSA
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    I hope they will make a path from Win 7 to Win 10 too..
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    You can upgrade to MCSA 8 with 70-689, and then to 10 with 70-697. Or just do the two exams for Windows 10.

    I think that there was an option previously to upgrade directly from 7 to 10 with the 697 before they introduced the 698 exam. It was a bit ambiguous at the time, though.

    Strangely, they still have an option to upgrade from Windows XP MCDST to MCSA 8, which is a bigger jump (skips vista and 7).
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    Planning to take 70-697 exam. Looking for a good book any recommendation. Currently using a CBT Nuggets.
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    Get the Microsoft green exam ref book - this is what James Conrad uses for his Microsoft videos. Sign up eval versions of Office 365, Intune, Azure. I assume you have a virtual lab setup ? A lot of people have said that CBT Nuggets is 100% aligned against the exam but you need to do a lot further research on the topics and lab them.

    I also used ITDVDS video training which is very useful indeed as they blast through hundreds of videos with no waffle and it covers most of the stuff with real hands on stuff and loads of Powershell etc. it's very cheap too. I went through the Windows 10 admin course (158 videos) just to get familiar with the features (it's not noddy stuff either) then I did their Windows 70-697 course (233 videos). I am now doing the CBT Nuggets course.
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    I think they probably eventually will. MS eventually made a path to upgrade all the way to Server 2012 from 2003-ish. Maybe 2000, but I might not remember.
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    They did, as well as for the MCDST to MCSA 2012
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    Hi guys,

    I Just want to know if it's best to take the 70-697 first instead of 698 base on ya'll experience for someone who's been in the field for 4 years now.
    and also you could point me in the right direction for those who have taken and passed the test.
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    697 seems to be the foundation of the Windows 10 certifications, so I would start with that and it will probably only be easier from then on. I haven't reviewed 698 much yet, but it's on my list for next year, it seems more OS based rather than Microsoft-world all in one 697, which covers a lot of topics besides Win10
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