I passed the A+ 901

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Hi everyone,

I passed the 901 yesterday, barely. I took a 900 hour course which involved cramming the A+ material into a two month period. We had Server, Network and Security and I passed my Security+, but I have struggled because of my lack of experience in the lingo. Plus I am in my mid-forties trying to go back and finish my education.

I scored so low on the 901 that the 902 is giving me doubts. I have Myers and Exam cram, plus I take online practice tests but if anyone can provide any tips on the 902 then I am open. I am thinking about scheduling next week.

Thanks in advance.


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    Good job! I'd say study study study, but you know that.
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    All the best,

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    902 will be harder along with 901 stuff. You can do it
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    Good job
    Congrats on passing.
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    Congratulations. 900 hours of videos ???
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    Daniel1970 wrote:
    ...I passed my Security+, but I have struggled because of my lack of experience in the lingo. Plus I am in my mid-forties trying to go back and finish my education..

    Congratulations on your attempt to complete the A+, now finish the second exam and everything will count :)

    As far as lacking experience, you've identified the problem, now work on correcting the problem. You'll need to lab, job shadow, take jobs where you can be 2nd or 3rd possibly the 4th gal/guy on the team and while learning from the others, pick up the slack on the menial tasks (which are all very important), in return work for 'x' amount of years at the company as a minimum for the training they are offering you. You'll simply need to be a little creative but there are good ways to gain the needed experience.

    Keep in mind your 5 and 10 year goal. You'll have to start on the path to get there, but the beginning might look a little boring/rough at first. Practice and be attentive, you'll move up and along at a fair pace. Soft skills are CRITICAL in most organizations, so if you are older, you'll want to utilize what you have learned from past experiences to excel here.

    With limited experience, I'd look at the full Texts for study rather than cram books. Crams are good for a review or as a 2nd text, but I don't recommend them as the primary for a newbie. Also, download the objectives, know or be familiar with everything listed. Ask in the forums if you find something on the list you do not understand or search with your favorite search engine.
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    culpano wrote: »
    Congratulations. 900 hours of videos ???
    No, it was 900 hour full time Informational Technology Professional course. We covered all major Comptia Cert material.
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    Congrats! A lot of people skip CompTIA A+ and miss out of all of that core troubleshooting. It's one of those areas that keep rolling into any other areas that you may work in.
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    I just passed my 902. It was easier than the 901 for me so maybe trouble shooting is more my thing. I appreciate all the support and advice and the congrats. This is my first tech forum I have joined and it seems like a great place.

    Hopefully I will be able to help others from time to time.
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    Congratz! Well Done.
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    Good job, try to get hands on experience by practicing with your own PC. Not necessarily taking stuff apart, but just understanding the concepts in relation to an actual computer you use so you'll remember them.
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