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This site is great, I will be sticking around! I think I am going to start CCNA now.

I used:

Security+ for Dummies (loved it)

Boson Practice Questions (they were ok, lots of stuff out of the scope of Security+ though, at times I though I mistakenly purchased the Network+ questions)

This site. The technotes here are tremendous.

Many easy questions, a couple good tough ones, and a couple real 'wtf' type questions.

Don't get crazy with super technical details, just know the basics and you are good to go.


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    Excellent Job!
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    Congrats! icon_thumright.gif
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    Congrats! You done a great job :)
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    Good job :)
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    "Don't get crazy with super technical details, just know the basics and you are good to go."

    I think I was doing fine with that until I picked up the syngress book... The syngress book is my 3rd book and while I'm on chapter 4 right now I am already noticing that this book goes into far more detail than the Sybex and Passport book I had.

    So far I am enjoying the Syngress book but it seems like a lot more to take in. I will have to keep in mind not to overload myself.
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    Haha, just don't come looking for me if you happen to get a test with super technically detailed questions! :D
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    I used:

    Security+ for Dummies (loved it)

    Hey, thanks for the info. I have been doing system administration for about 5-6 years and leaning towards security specialization for the past 2 or so. I have a good handle on security topics and issues and a lot of experience with implementing security measures. I have had some college level courses that focus on security, been through a 10 month MCSE course, the 9 month Cisco Academy, the 1-week Security+ class at a New Horizons, 2 Symantec training classes (over $2000 per class covering AV and firewalls) and no less than 3 DoD courses that are basically IT security boot camps. However, when I pick up any Security+ book and start reading about AAA, encryption, policies, etc., I immediately begin to get drowsy and lethargic. I mean these things literally put me to sleep! Even the CBT Nuggets Security+ videos bore me to death! I am going to try the Security+ for Dummies. Those books are a little more entertaining, and hopefully my past experience will suffice to fill in the gaps that the Dummies book may leave.
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    Awesome job on the pass! Did you notice many questions on TCP/UDP Ports? I'm fairly concerned about this topic.
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    Way-to-go :D
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