Preparing to start this CCNP track

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So I have half a lab to finish before my WGU degree in ITSec is done, and my certs are due to be renewed in 2018 so I'm looking to continue the Cisco path. That means CCNPSec.

I've looked for information regarding this exam but it's so sparse, and the sticky in this forum looks like it was meant for an entirely different certification and is dated.

I was hoping someone who has done this track could give me some guidance.

1. What order did you take this exam set in? Online I found a lone thread that suggested SISAS -> SENSS -> SIMOS -> SITCS. Does this feel correct for those of you who certified?

2. What's the general feel about the Cisco training packages? I was quite surprised to find how reasonably priced they are and that makes me nervous about the quality.

3. What equipment did you purchase to lab with? I have a catalyst 3550 that I used for R&S, and an ASA 5505 that I used for my CCNA Sec, along with GNS3 and Packet Tracer virtual environments. Going forward into CCNP and CCIE, I know that I will need to get my hands on real Cisco equipment and my company deals exclusively with Sonicwall, so I'm on my own. Are there any recommended kits that will get me to CCIE? I have plenty of rack space and access to real internet lines to use.

4. Any other general tips folks might have would be appreciated. I'm planning to tunnel Cisco hard for the next 2-3 years so that I can financially recover from WGU, and then after that start on my master's.

Thanks for reading and any helpful tips you might have.
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