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Passed today with a 615 its a pass lol thats all i care well now onto the Os and is the OS the same diffuculty as Core or is OS eaiser?


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    Congrats!!! I passed the core with a 720 today. I also tried the OS test today:

    As a non-experienced IT dude (I'm a Field Service Rep in the medical repair field), it appeared to me that the OS test was harder. Questions were very vague and there were no clear answers. Too many of the answers were close to right but not exactly. I guess that's way I failed the OS portion today with a 483. You need 505 to pass. I just couldn't put it together today. Study hard and read between the lines. The scenrios of client and user problems they presented today were killer.

    Good luck on your OS.
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    Well i used preplogic A+ Fifth edition book its like the bible of computers lol it comes with pratice tests and the book has some good stuff but some stuff is just to much detail and there tests helped me alot. i actually have 2 copys of the book im trying to sell the other one so if anybody wants it send me your info.
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    Congrats on the pass!
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