GMON - Passed!

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Sat for the exam today and scored a 77% (definitely would have liked a higher score, but pass is a pass). It was definitely slightly harder than the practice tests, but I felt it all ultimately aligned. After the first 15 questions I was at 100% and thought "oh this is so easy" that was a very bad mentality to have because then the heavy hitting questions came into play. So now for some tips:

1. Take the exam sooner rather than later - It's been three months and had I buckled down and taken it a month after the course I would have done better
2. Your index is important - mine sucked and now I know for future reference to definitely do a better job
3. Time management - that clock goes faster then you realize
4. Real world experience is important - a buddy of mine took the GCIH and said he wouldn't have passed without the real world experience. I tend to believe this is the same for the GMON
5. Read the questions carefully - should be a no brainer but make sure you read what they're asking
6. Go with your gut - without a doubt one question I answered I went against my guy and two questions later I went past the answer in the book and wanted to kill myself

Good luck all!
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    Congrats on the pass!
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    Congrats! After seeing some recent discussions of the course for this exam on here recently, it's definitely going on my to do list.
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    Congrats man, I passed also with a 79%. she was a tuffer one for sure. icon_smile.gif but a pass is a pass!!!icon_cheers.gif brother GMON dude
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    Excellent news!!!! Congrats!!!
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    Congrats! I should probably get to it then!
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    Congrats!!! Great news!

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    Congrats! Took this one back in March myself and it was fairly difficult especially since I don't have NOC or traffic analysis experience. I have the GCIH on deck next, hoping it isn't as difficult honestly.
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    Congrats on the pass!!
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