need opinion on 2 cources on

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hey guys
need your opinion on a couple of courses
  • Android hacking using Python
  • Using Python for offensive Penetration Testing
what doo u think about them
i'm between beginner and intermediate in this field (infosec)


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    First time hearing of the site. Just signed up for the free Burp Suite course by Geri Rivay. Can't beat the price and there isn't a ton of Burp content out there. Course/site looks surprisingly well polished.

    As far as those two particular Python courses go, I'm not so sure about dropping $100 and $40 for what looks like a total of under 10 hours of content. Especially when there is SO much Python material out there already.
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    I have taken several courses from the said website, and so far I am satisfied with the service and the quality of the content. They regularly give discounts, so not a bad deal to take a program at the discounted price. BTW, I have the "Hack Like a PRO" program which consists both the python courses, and it was good.
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